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Dr. Whitney Roban

Dr. Whitney Roban is a Family, Educational, and Corporate Sleep Specialist. She is also the author of the books Devin & Evan Sleep From 8-7 and Devin & Evan Play Fortnite ’Til 11, as well as Dr. Roban's Solve Our Sleep School Healthy Sleep Curriculum. Dr. Roban considers sleep a necessity, not a luxury. Her mission is to provide the education, solutions and support parents need to have well-rested families, students need to have academic success, working parents need to thrive both at home and at work, and corporations need to have healthy and well-rested employees. Dr. Roban offers these various sleep supports via her family sleep private practice, her educational sleep consulting, and her corporate sleep programs.


We offer several packages that range from full sleep training to answering questions and offering personal support, as your family learns how to get the sleep you all need and deserve.



We offer students, teachers, administrators, and parents in-school or remote healthy sleep workshops, as well as book readings/signings, and the Dr. Roban's Solve Our Sleep School Healthy Sleep Curriculum.


We offer in-office healthy sleep workshops or remote sleep workshops via video conferencing, one-on-one sleep education and training, and sleep coaching as part of family leave benefits. 

Book Series
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