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The Devin & Evan Book Series

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Sleep expert, Dr. Whitney Roban, came up with the idea for Devin & Evan Sleep From 8-7 after working for many years as a Family Sleep Specialist. When Dr. Roban finished working with clients, she would always ask the parents "what do you think was one of the most important things I taught you about healthy sleep?" Many parents told her that it was Dr. Roban's advice about teaching their children WHY they needed to sleep and how important sleep was to their lives. Dr. Roban knew that most children were not learning about the importance of sleep at home nor at school, therefore, most had no idea WHY sleep was so important. All children are told is to "go to sleep" but they are not told WHY they NEED to sleep. What Dr. Roban realized is that there did not exist a children's book to explain the importance of sleep to children in a way in which they could relate it to their own lives. Sure, there were a lot of books geared to parents, but it was also very important to reach children early enough so that they understand WHY they must sleep and then can start to prioritize sleep from an early age. Luckily, Dr. Roban had worked for a short amount of time in the field of educational publishing as an author and marketer, and she also inherited a knack for rhyming from her father. As a result, Devin & Evan Sleep From 8-7 was born.

Several months after publishing Devin & Evan Sleep From 8-7, the Fortnite craze starting taking over many households, including Dr. Roban's. Her 14 year old son became obsessed with Fortnite, and even a Sleep Specialist's son isn't immune to the negative effects that technology could have on sleep. After hearing from so many parents about the sleep deprivation that was resulting from Fortnite, and technology usage in general, Dr. Roban decided to write Devin & Evan Play Fornite 'Til 11. That book practically wrote itself, as each scene was taken from a real life experience that Dr. Roban had with her teenage son and his gaming. One book reviewer on Amazon wrote "it was like the author read my mind". However, Dr. Roban did not imagine the book scenarios, she lived it! Dr. Roban decided that it was time she became the "media manager" in her own home and has solved the sleep vs. technology issues in her own family. As no one is immune to the effects of technology on sleep, she now includes the topic of balancing sleep and technology into many of her healthy sleep workshops.

To learn more about Dr. Roban, the Devin & Evan Book Series, and how to get your family well rested, listen to the Podcast: Reading With Your Kids - Screens Off & Sleep!

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Reader's Favorite 5-Star Book Review for Devin & Evan Play Fortnite 'Til 11

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Dr. Roban's Solve Our Sleep

School Healthy Sleep Curriculum

Healthy Sleep Curriculum General School

Sleep is the considered the third pillar of health, along with diet and exercise, yet sleep health is not currently part of any school’s health and wellness programs, nor a part of their health curriculums. Sleep affects the whole child - physical, emotional, and behavioral. Teaching students, teachers and parents how to incorporate healthy sleep habits into their lives via the Solve Our Sleep Healthy Sleep Workshops and Dr. Roban's Solve Our Sleep Healthy Sleep School Curriculum will offer endless benefits and will lead children and their families on a path to success.


As part of the Educational Sleep component to Solve Our Sleep, sleep expert Dr. Roban offers healthy sleep workshops for students, teachers, parents, and support staff within schools around the country. These workshops can be done in-school or remotely. She has also developed Dr. Roban's Solve Our Sleep School Healthy Sleep Curriculum for elementary, middle, and high schools. This groundbreaking and one-of-a-kind healthy sleep school curriculum, which can be incorporated into any existing school health curriculum, meets standards for National Health Education, Mental Health Education, Social Emotional Learning, and Next Generation ELA and Math Standards.



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