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Family Sleep Testimonials
Baby, Toddler, Elementary School-Age Children

Sleep training our 2.5 yr old has changed our lives. Before the process, he would only fall asleep in front of a tv or with mommy by his side.  It was always late at night.  He was cranky, not eating and just an all around difficult child.  We wish we would have sleep trained long before.  Not only are we all sleeping much earlier, but also sleeping much better.  He's now a happy, smiling toddler.  We can take him anywhere- he listens, eats and is a joy to be around.  Bedtime was once a dreaded process and now its a simple, 10 minute peaceful end to our day.   Thank you Whitney!

— S & L, New York




Our 2.5 year old son was not sleeping well from about the time he was 6 months old.  He would occasionally sleep through the night, but would have a lot of trouble going to sleep.  He need to be rocked/held at first and then he needed somebody next to him.  The 8 months prior to our contacting Whitney, one parent basically slept with him (in a full sized bed) throughout the night and we wanted that to stop and so contacted Whitney.  We understood the basic principles of sleep training, but where Whitney really helped was in answering all of the questions about all of the various scenarios that we knew we would face.  Her message was always consistent and it really helped to have a professional with her experience guide and reassure us throughout the process.  Now, our son sleeps through the night by himself, puts himself to sleep, and protests very little (he's especially stubborn).  Thanks Whitney!

— SJ from PA



To put it simply - Dr. Whitney Roban has truly changed our life!  Before our consultation, we were frustrated and majorly sleep deprived.  At 5 months old, our daughter went from waking up only once per night to waking up 3-4 times per night and sometimes staying up for up to two hours in the middle of the night.  Not only that, she was a terrible napper and would have bouts of inconsolable crying EVERY single night from being overtired.  She was cranky ALL the time and we couldn't go anywhere or do anything.  When we were at our wits end, we finally contacted Dr. Roban and the rest is history.  After our consultation with her and extremely detailed email exchanges, our daughter is now sleeping through the night (12 hours) and is napping better than she ever has.  Even more notable, she is like a different baby!!  She is so sweet and so happy - always smiling and laughing and just a total joy.  Whitney Roban's knowledge and support helped us tremendously and we are forever grateful.  We wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is struggling with their child's sleep issues.  She has truly given us the gift of sleep, which is priceless.

— Alyssa & Brian




Whitney Roban is amazing! She listened to us and our story and how we are as parents.  She worked with our family and helped us figure out how to help our 4 year old girl sleep through the night. After 4 days of following Whitney's sleep training plan we were all sleeping through the night and felt so happy and well rested. Also, as we hit a few speed bumps, Whitney was there to guide us through those times and put us right back on track. I am forever grateful and would recommend any and every body to talk to her. Thank you Whitney.  You gave the gift of a good night sleep to us and our kids!!

— Lesley & Adam




Whitney Roban, Ph.D. of Solve Our Sleep helped me sleep train my son who was barely 5 years old at the time. He used to be a good sleeper in the crib, but things changes when he went to a bed. The sleep training took one night to complete. It has been a year and a half now, and he still goes to sleep in his own bed and sleeps all night, refreshed in the morning. Her sleep training techniques work! Thank you Whitney for giving me and my husband a good night's sleep as well!

— G.B., Los Angeles




Solve Our Sleep saved my life. As a full time working mother, Whitney helped me sleep train my second child at 5 months of age. I was struggling after going back to work when my second daughter was 6 weeks old. Falling asleep in meetings, always tired, and barely functioning. When I went to Whitney, it was really easy and she taught me so many tools that I use even today. My daughter is 3 now and still sleeps for naps and at night like a champ - 2 hours naps and 11 hours at night. She is easy to put down and makes my busy life that much easier! I wish I had used Whitney's sleep training services for my older daughter and my life would be a breeze. Whitney has a wonderful and holistic approach to sleep. When she works with you she takes into account your life, your baby's life and what's best for both of you. She doesn't look at night time alone, but puts you on an easy to follow plan for your entire day, as naps play a big part of nighttime sleep. There are a lot of "issues" and barriers we are all facing regarding sleep and Whitney patiently talks you through everything so that you feel absolutely comfortable with the plan she recommends. I refer Solve Our Sleep all of the time and everyone who has used Whitney can't believe they didn't do it sooner. She makes it really that easy and it works!

—Jackie & Michael, Los Angeles


My 4 month old had not slept for more than 2 or 3 hours at a time by the time we called Whitney at Solve Our Sleep.  I hung up from my first conversation with her feeling like there was a light at the end of the tunnel and that we were all going to get some sleep some time soon! She is completely supportive, educated us about sleep and sleep associations, and asked questions to tailor a sleep training program for our family's needs that we would feel comfortable with. Once we started the sleep training, we were in touch daily via email so I could ask questions throughout the process. Two weeks later, I had a baby who was sleeping all night long and taking great naps independently. Our whole family benefited from her support!

— Andrea and Jon




We are so grateful that we found Whitney Roban and the Solve Our Sleep Program!  Our family is better rested than I ever thought possible.  When we first called Whitney, we were struggling with our delightful 11-month old daughter who liked being with us so much during the day that it was taking me up to 4 hours of soothing and rocking to get her to sleep at night.  Things were getting worse and worse and my husband and I were stressed out, tired, and anxious.


I had read many of the big-selling sleep training books and was confused about which direction to take and which program to follow.  What the books couldn’t provide was the support of a sleep expert like Whitney.  After a very comprehensive initial phone call, we had daily email guidance from Whitney.  That was what made the difference – every day there was support and feedback about the previous day’s sleep pattern and what we should do next to improve our daughter’s sleep.  No book can provide the kind of information and encouragement that uniquely matched our family’s needs the way Whitney did. 


The Solve Our Sleep program worked: our daughter goes into her crib happily every night, is asleep within minutes, and sleeps 11-12 hours continuously.  She wakes up happy and refreshed, as do her father and I.  She also takes two great naps a day, without a fuss. Thank goodness we found Whitney and Solve Our Sleep.  Peace in the form of good sleep has restored our happy home!

— A.C. in Los Angeles




Whitney has helped our family tremendously and I recommend her to everyone who is considering sleep training.  We worked with Whitney when our first daughter was about a year old and, although she was sleeping through the night, naps were a mess and I was at the end of my rope.  By following Whitney's plan, our daughter became the best sleeper and we all finally got the breaks during the day that we desperately needed.  We recently worked with Whitney again with our second daughter, and now at almost 5 months she too is becoming a great sleeper.  She went from co-sleeping, nursing all night long and, having to be rocked to sleep for quick 30 minutes naps to, now soothing herself sleep, sleeping through the night and taking long naps in her crib in her own room.  It took just a few days to see results and, now she is happy when we put her in her crib and when we come in to get her.  Our whole family is well rested and much happier.  I have always said that working with Whitney was the best money we have ever spent... and how can you even put a price tag on the incredible gift of good sleep!  Whitney makes what could be one of the most challenging aspects of parenting so much easier and, is right there with you every step of the way.

— Skye P., Los Angeles




Solve Our Sleep gave us a new lease on life! Our one year old daughter had a few good months of sleeping through the night and we thought we were in the clear, though she never got in bed awake and took her naps in the stroller or car, exclusively. When we went away for a couple weeks, she developed some bad sleep habits and took them home with her. We reverted back to the survival mode we were all too familiar with from the very early months of her infancy. That meant doing whatever it took to let us all get some sleep...including taking an hour or more to feed her and have her fall into a deep sleep before attempting to put her in her crib, giving her a bottle a couple times a night and allowing her in our bed. While the snuggle time was bittersweet, we realized that we were doing a disservice to her, and to us! Whitney opened our eyes to the benefits of having a well rested baby and the byproduct of that having us as a happy, healthy couple again! Bedtime has become a beautiful time in our home. We share calm time with our daughter, slip her into bed awake (!) and watch her close her eyes peacefully. Whitney was amazing about promoting self-soothing as a tool for life and we are so grateful to have finally given that gift to our daughter. Now she sleeps 12 hours a night and wakes up alert, receptive and smiling. Not to mention, her daytime naps in her crib are successful and I don't have to walk her in her stroller twice a day anymore! It's a brilliant and foolproof plan. Whitney was incredibly attentive and supportive and she encouraged us to remain determined during this sleep training process. She helped us finesse the schedule as needed and reminded us of our goals. So, with great enthusiasm, we recommend Whitney and her expertise to guide anyone through the many wonders of sleep training! Thank you for everything!

— Dominique & Corey




Whitney Roban has been a lifesaver for our family!  Our 5 year old son Isaac was waking up very early in the morning (usually in the 5:30 am or earlier range and sometimes as early as 4:00 am) and had been for almost 2 years.  We tried to correct the problem ourselves but with no luck.  Isaac was causing us to lose precious sleep, waking his siblings earlier than they wanted to be waking up and generally causing a lot of problems.  His behavior was also deteriorating because he was so exhausted.  Within a week of our first phone call with Whitney, Isaac was sleeping later (until at least 6 am) and was starting to behave much differently.  We are so thrilled to have this behavior back under control and to have our son back to his sweet self. 

— MG from New Jersey




My son was 6 months old and still waking up at night and sometimes not falling back to sleep! We as a family needed to find help for this situation because we all couldn't function effectively anymore. I had tried everything but nothing was working. Then I found Dr. Whitney Roban of Solve Our Sleep who was amazing! At first I didn't think it was possible, there was no way my son was going to sleep 12 hours, he just isn't going to do it.  Well, after a week, my son proved me wrong! And when he did wake up at night, he put himself back to sleep without a problem.  Whitney’s emotional support is what I needed to get through this. She is very educated on this topic and helps you stay focused and committed and truly cares. Whitney, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, the sleep training was completely worth it! It was the best thing for my family!

— The Davi Family, New York




Our 11 month old daughter had never been a good sleeper, often needing to be in our bed just so she would stop crying and eventually, fitfully, go back to sleep.  We reached our sleep nadir in the middle of her 10th month, and finally decided it was time to try sleep training, something we really hadn't wanted to do before.  Three weeks later, we're absolutely certain we should have done it months earlier, so good is her sleep now.  Whitney's process of asking about our daughter's sleep patterns, general behaviors & disposition, and then prescribing a sleep program for her, was great.  We felt armed & ready for the first challenging night, and then felt reassured each day as Whitney would respond to our daily email updates with her thoughts, answers to our questions, and just general encouragement.  For us these daily points of feedback were invaluable, and really set apart her service from others we'd evaluated.  We're absolutely thrilled with both the process Whitney led us through, and of course the result -- our daughter now sleeps 11-12 hours straight through the night, and naps upwards of 2 hrs every day, all in her crib -- an outcome we really couldn't even imagine a few weeks ago.  Thanks, Whitney!

— Olivia & Brian




We highly recommend Whitney Roban to anyone struggling with sleep issues with their infants or young children.  We consulted her for help when our 2 1/2 year old son started waking earlier and earlier to the tune of 4am!  He had also started battling with us at bedtime and at naptime, so when we contacted Whitney we were feeling very desperate.  Whitney was patient and thorough, taking time to collect an extensive history of his sleep and his current problem.  She set us up with a plan immediately and supported us completely during the days and weeks afterward when we tried to implement it.  Within days our son was sleeping until after 6am and going down for naps and bedtime without a fuss.  Whenever there were bumps in the road, Whitney was there to advise us and provide much needed words of encouragement.  Weeks later my son consistently sleeps until after 6am and takes fantastic naps.  We are all well rested and relieved, and we have Whitney to thank!

— Rachael & Doug




We were recommended to Whitney by a friend whose 3 year old is currently the reigning champ of naps at his preschool thanks to the sleep training his parents instituted with Whitney's help at 4 months of age.  Our son had been a good sleeper up until about his 5th month, when circumstances, development, accidental parenting began to slowly erode his sleep routines.  By the time we called Whitney, just before he turned 6 months, things had gone downhill with surprising intensity and he was waking every 1-2 hours at night.  We were so confused about how to transition away from the swaddle, pacifier, night feedings, and comforting.  We knew that what we were doing was confusing him, and that the lack of sleep was threatening the health of our family.  Thanks to Whitney's guidance, our son has learned how to self-soothe and our whole family is experiencing what it feels like to be well rested!

— Jessie & Nathan




Whitney Roban is awesome!  After several weeks of sleeping on the floor of my 3 1/2 year old daughter's room - back aching and exhausted - we knew something had to be done.  We reached out to Whitney and hoped for the best.  Our daughter is smart, stubborn, and strong willed.  After talking to Whitney and getting our sleep plan in place, we started the process.  Although our daughter figured out a way to defy all the "norms" of most 3 1/2 year olds, persistence and consistency paid off.  She is proud of herself when she wakes up after a successful nights sleep and can't wait to tell her family and friends how she did.  We were shocked and relieved the sleep training worked and continues to do so.  Our family is back to having healthy sleep habits and we thoroughly enjoy the quiet time we get with each of our daughters. Bedtime is a breeze and our mornings are happy!  Although we didn't formally sleep train our older daughter, just the mere mention of Dr. Whitney (Riley's "sleep doctor") helps to keep our sleep rules in place.  Thank you Whitney, for all you have done for us

— R & B, New York



Whitney is the Sleep Goddess. The Sleep Doctor who helped our family sleep better and in turn start our path to a better way of life at nighttime. 


Our almost three year old transitioned from her crib to her big girl bed and immediately bedtime and sleep became a nightmare for everyone. Bedtime would take up to two hours and sleep was interrupted nightly with our daughter’s need to snuggle and cuddle. After two months of not enough sleep, and interrupted sleep at that, we were all exhausted, frustrated and over tired. The sleep deprivation was no longer tolerable. We interviewed a few services and then we met Whitney. Her demure clearly approached sleep training from skill and an understanding of working with families according to their specific environment, and needs. We committed. From our one and a half hour call to the end of our 14 day training, Whitney’s guidance structured our family’s need for a better sleep routine and overall life! The program is unique. A call, then daily emails that Whitney responds to with clear guidance. It’s great to not be reliant on a panic call. It requires the commitment and it’s worth it!!! Our daughter loves the structure. She loves waking up rested. If your family needs a plan for better sleep and help achieving that plan, look no further. Whitney is THE Sleep Doctor. We will miss our emails and comfort of her approach and understanding of our every question, need for reaffirmation and her supportive knowledge about working with our goals and needs. Thank you, Whitney!!!

-Maresa and Tim, Los Angeles

Dr. Roban got our toddler and baby to sleep alllll night!!! It was such a struggle before she worked with us. We were so tired. Now we are sleeping better, and the whole family is happier!! Thank you!

-Haleh and Brian

Tweens, Teens, College-Age, and Adults

As a busy pre-med student, sleep is my most valued part of the day. I am a very anxious person, consistently stressed over the intensity of my work and sometimes this stress affects the quality and duration of my sleep. Dr. Roban helped me identify important stressors in my life and create successful coping strategies. This has allowed me to better address problems in my sleep schedule. My sleep has been restored and become much more consistent.

-S.S., New York

Dr. Roban helped me to stop worrying. She gave me ways to distract myself, so now I get tired and fall asleep without even trying. I feel less anxious because sleep is no longer a problem for me.

-12 year old; New York

I have been following the new sleep routine and I have found that I have become less dependent on taking Melatonin every night. I have been journaling at night and writing down lists of what I need to do the next day, which has helped me to not think about it when trying to fall asleep. I definitely feel more calm and less anxious when getting into bed at night.

-College Student; New Orleans

My 9 year old daughter had always been a good sleeper, but a few months into the pandemic, all of our routines fell apart, bedtime became later and later, and she stopped sleeping in her own bed. She could only get to sleep by being in bed with us or her brother. We were all cranky and exhausted. In desperation, I started searching for help. After one session with Whitney, my daughter is back in her bed, sleeping through the night on her own. Whitney taught her about the importance of sleep and strategies for relaxing her mind so she could fall asleep on her own. My daughter is so proud of her accomplishment and we're all much better rested. Thank you!     

-M.S., Santa Monica, CA


Educational Sleep Testimonials

Dr. Roban visited our school to speak to our seventh grade students, and we facilitated the Solve Our Sleep Curriculum in the seventh grade health classes. Now, our seventh graders can't stop talking about sleep! Dr. Roban also gave a parent presentation to our middle school parents, and one mom said that Dr. Roban's tips helped improve her own sleep habits. It was great to have Dr. Roban speak to parents and their children; the students told us they were able to establish bedtime rules and routines at home with their entire families. We are looking forward to working with Dr. Roban again next year!

- Davida Farhat, Health Education Department Head; The Spence School

This was our second year working with Dr. Roban and facilitating the Solve Our Sleep Curriculum in our middle school. We so appreciated having Dr. Roban speak to our students and parents again. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were unable to have any in-person workshops. Dr. Roban's engaging and personable presentation style still translated well to the virtual space! She tailored her workshops to address student concerns and questions related to increased screen time and the impact of the pandemic on sleep schedules. 


Our students and parents continue to sing Dr. Roban's praises, and some even took the next step of hiring Dr. Roban for personalized consultation. We're so glad that Dr. Roban was able to join us again this year, and we're looking forward to working with her again next year, whether in-person or virtually!

-Davida Farhat, Health Education Department Head; The Spence School



Dr. Roban's Healthy Sleep Workshop for Parents was an exceptional program committed to supplying authentic information based on research to inform parents on how important sleep can be for their children and the impact it has on success in school. It was an engaging and informative event. The Roslyn Middle School Community benefitted from her expertise.

- Craig S. Johanson, Principal, Roslyn Middle School



Dr. Roban presented to our students during our annual Wellness Day. She offered many valuable reminders about the importance of sleep, and also provided strategies for improving sleep hygiene. It is so helpful for our students to hear from an expert! We look forward to working with Dr. Roban again!

- Director of Health and Wellness; The Nightingale-Bamford School

I suggest that the Sleep Survival Class by Dr. Roban be an assembly in future years because it would be so helpful to reiteratie how important sleep is to teenagers.

- Student; The Nightingale-Bamford School

Dr. Roban's Sleep Survival inspired me to get to bed earlier and Dr. Roban explained that it would take a while for good sleep habits to form.

- Student; The Nightingale-Bamford School

Dr. Roban's Sleep Survival was my favorite session because it was so informative and had a real life connection.

- Student; The Nightingale-Bamford School

Thank you for providing such an informative talk for the JCC about the importance of sleep for everyone. You provided great tips and suggestions for getting on track to a better night’s sleep as well as educating the audience as to why sleep is so important. Those who participated asked great questions. You are such a wonderful resource for families and professionals. We truly appreciate your knowledge and the time you spent with us. 

- Jodi Adler, Director Parent Engagement Center, Sid Jacobson JCC


I had the pleasure of bringing Whitney to speak to a room full of toddler parents dealing with toddler sleep issues, and I was so impressed! Not only does Whitney know and understand sleep, she has a uniquely honest approach, and helps parents deal with an often very difficult topic in a non judgmental, caring and sensitive way. Every parent that walked out of that seminar told me how much they had learned and how wonderful Whitney's presentation was. I agree, and look forward to working with Whitney again. I can't recommend her enough!

— Chana Balk, BabyBites Brooklyn




Sleep issues are some of the most challenging for parents of young children since lack of sleep affects everyone in the family. It is a topic that parents and caregivers frequently raise when consulting the Parent Resource Network. Dr. Whitney Roban conducts very informative and personalized parenting workshops on this topic. After first establishing the need for everyone to get enough sleep for optimal health and defining what enough sleep is for different ages, Dr. Roban explains what sleep training is. Essentially it is being able to fall asleep unassisted and get back to sleep on one's own. How to help babies and young children become good sleepers requires good routines and a consistent schedule. Dr. Roban's workshops explain all of this in detail and she makes sure to address every participant's unique situation with sound tips and strategies to try. Parents leave feeling relieved to have a "sleep toolkit" to help meet the challenge of everyone in the family getting a good night's sleep.

— Karen Horowitz, Parenting Resource Network

Corporate Sleep Testimonials


We want to thank you for participating in the LinkedIn NY Sleep Fair. We so appreciate your sharing your expertise and providing LinkedIn employees with information and inspiration to support the sleep, health, and well being of their families. We're getting great feedback from those who attended and know you were integral to the success of the event. Your participation was an attraction to attend the event. 


You were AWESOME and I know you gave sleep hope to many parents with whom you spoke and who attended your talk. I am really happy your presentation is archived for LinkedIn parents throughout the LinkedIn network to watch on their Wellness platform. Your practice and expertise can serve many! 

- LinkedIn NY Sleep Fair

Dr. Roban's workshops were a huge hit with our employees! Her teaching about healthy sleep for adults and kids is research-based, engaging, and accessible. Our employees were so grateful for the time she took to answer their questions about their sleep challenges. We can't wait to have her come back.

- Donielle Bruie, Director Broadie Experience & Total Rewards; The Broad Institute of Harvard & MIT

I was chronically exhausted and getting frustrated with my child. I would walk away to cry to my husband, who would go in and rock him until I was calm enough to try again. My employer, The Broad Institute of Harvard & MIT, held a sleep seminar with Dr. Roban as a speaker. After the seminar, I hired Dr. Roban. The first night, I cried more than my son, who whined for 25 minutes, and then fell asleep. I couldn’t believe it! The next night he was asleep in 15 minutes—and put himself back to sleep when he woke up. By 7 months old, he was sleeping about 11 to 12 hours a night. He now goes down pretty easily, and if he wakes, he generally doesn’t cry. My advice is, if you can afford it, a sleep consultation with Dr. Roban is totally worth it. She gave me a plan to follow and provided daily feedback, encouragement and advice for two weeks, which allowed us to fine-tune our strategy.

- Sleep Workshop Attendee; The Broad Institute of Harvard & MIT

I recently went to the sleep seminar where Dr. Whitney Roban presented at The Broad Institute.  After the seminar I took her suggestions and changed the way we handle sleeping with our 3 year old. It completely changed our lives, for the better! 

- Sleep Workshop Attendee; The Broad Institute of Harvard & MIT

Employees are experiencing so much stress due to COVID-19, causing negative impacts on their mental health and well-being. Dr. Whitney Roban offered a solution in the form of a webinar addressing sleep, eating and organization which I hosted on behalf of the Boston College Center for Work & Family. Dr. Roban, Lara Metz, and Barbara Reich worked extremely well together, offering clear and practical advice and providing a holistic set of practices to improve well-being. Our attendees enjoyed the session and appreciated the very actionable tips provided.

- Jennifer Sabatin Fraone; Boston College Center for Work & Family

When my formerly good sleeper started waking up as often as six times per night at around the 7-month mark, I started to feel desperate. It’s so hard to go to work on such little sleep. But I didn’t want to do cry it out again. I failed miserably with my firstborn. After I spoke with family, educational and corporate sleep specialist Whitney Roban, Ph.D., founder of Solve Our Sleep, which offers corporate sleep programs for all employees, including working parents, I was convinced to give it another go. Spoiler alert: The sleep training worked, and if I have a third child, I’ll name her Whitney after the magical woman who brought sleep back to our restless family. You, too, can be a well-rested working mom again.

-Meredith Bodgas, Editor-in-Chief, Working Mother

That was a great talk. You did a wonderful job and have a special skill when fielding questions, which is very engaging and deepens your overall message. I find Zoom is tough for getting conversations going, but you seem to have it down!

-SVP, DOYLE Auctions

The information provided in “Eat.Sleep.Organize” is a life changer. I will implement so many changes to keep my family health, mind and body. I walked away with a ton of useful tips that I can incorporate into my daily routine.

-Participant in 2020 Working Mother WorkBeyond Summit

This session [Eat, Sleep, Organize] was absolutely amazing. The presenters kept us all engaged and provided practical and relevant tools and suggestions for working moms. I loved it.

-Participant in 2020 Working Mother WorkBeyond Summit

Thank you for helping to make our 2020 Working Mother WorkBeyond Summit a huge success! I wanted you to know that we could not have done this without your leadership and expertise, and greatly appreciate your contribution to the event. The audience was amazed with the high level of content put forth, and walked away with innovative ideas and strategies to help address their unique challenges.

-Shertease Wheeler, Senior Events Program Manager for Working Mother Media

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