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We offer several Family Sleep packages that range from full sleep training for children, CBT-I (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia) for teens and adults, to Q & A packages for children, tweens, teens, and adults experiencing problems getting the sleep they need and deserve. Teen and adult online sleep support groups are also available based on demand.


We will help parents struggling with their children's sleep issues such as trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, bedtime battles, night wakings, early rising, nap refusals, brief naps, crib to bed transitions, age appropriate sleep schedules and routines, and any other behavioral sleep issues children may face.

We will help tweens, teens and adults with sleep issues such as trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, night wakings, age appropriate and consistent sleep schedules and routines, perimenopause and menopause related sleep problems, and any other behavioral sleep issues they may face.

A to Zzzz Full Sleep Training Package for children includes:

* 90 minute phone consultation

        o Review of full sleep history

        o Review of current sleep issues & home environment

        o Summary of sleep training methods & effectiveness

        o Education of age appropriate sleep schedules and routines

        o 24 hour sleep plan of action

* 2 weeks of once per day email exchange follow-ups as you progress through the sleep training process

CBT-I for Teens and Adults:

*Dr. Roban is certified in CBT-I (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia). She will work with you for several weeks (usually 4-6 weekly sessions) to improve behavioral sleep issues such as trouble falling asleep, difficulty getting back to sleep in the middle of the night, nighttime anxiety, negative sleep thoughts, inconsistent and inapproprite sleep schedules, sleep routines, and poor sleep hygiene.

*The initial session is 60 minutes, with follow up sessions last 30 minutes each.


Q & A Sleep Packages:

Package 1: 60 minute phone consultation includes:

*60 minute phone consultation for previous full sleep training package clients to be used as a follow up to a prior sleep coaching package or to discuss new sleep issues that may have arisen, as well as for new clients who are just looking to get their most pressing sleep questions answered.

* This package can also be used by families who have tweens, teens, and college students who are struggling with sleep issues and are looking for help teaching them healthy sleep habits.

*This package can also be used for adults experiencing sleep issues who are looking for abbreviated sleep education, support, and solutions to their daily sleep struggles.


Package 2: Series of 5 email exchanges includes:

* 5 email exchanges for previous full sleep training package clients or phone consultation clients, to be used as a  Q & A follow-up to answer current sleep questions you may have.


Package 3: Phone and Email Combo includes:

*60 minute phone consultation

*5 email exchanges

*This package is for previous full sleep training package clients to be used as a follow-up to their prior sleep package, should further questions arise, and new clients who are looking for email followup support after their Q&A phone consultation.

*This package is also for families of tweens, teens, and college students, as well as adults.

Package 4: 30 minute phone consultation includes:

*30 minute phone consultation can be used for tweens, teens, college students, and adults who are looking for abbreviated sleep support. This phone consultation will focus on tips and tricks for falling asleep, as well as returning to sleep, more quickly and easily.



*69% of all children experience one or more sleep problem at least a few nights per week

*36% of children wake at least once per night

*Approximately 50% of America's youth are chronically sleep deprived

Sleep is such an integral part of children's health and well-being.  It affects every aspect of their daily lives, at both home and at school. As it relates to school, sleep deprivation negatively effects academic performance and school behavior. More specifically, it leads to lower grades, inability to concentrate, decreased memory, lower energy, decreased mood, poor judgement, decreased efficiency, and increased anxiety and absences due to illness.

Sleep expert, Dr. Roban, provides daycare centers, preschools, elementary schools, middle schools, high school and colleges a full offering of healthy sleep workshops and curriculum for students, teachers, administrators, counselors, nurses, school support staff, and parents. These educational sleep services can be offered as in-school or after school assemblies and healthy sleep workshops, remote video conferencing sleep workshops, the Solve Our Sleep Healthy Sleep Curriculum as part of the school's health and wellness curriculum, and PTA/PTO healthy sleep events for parents, and professional development workshops for teachers. Dr. Roban can also offer book readings/signings of Devin & Evan Sleep From 8-7 and Devin & Evan Play Fortnite 'Til 11 as part of or separate from these services.  Contact Dr. Roban at 646-504-9448 for more information.

Healthy Sleep Curriculum General School

*Only 35% of the US adult population gets the recommended 8 hours of sleep each night

*76% of adults want to learn how to improve their sleep

*Sleep deprivation is estimated to cost companies over 100 billion annually in lost production, medical expenses, and sick leave

*US companies spend 16 billion on health care expenses resulting from sleep problems

*Past studies have found improvement in parents sleep qualilty and improvement of family well being after the introduction of a behaviorally-based parent training program on improving family sleep

*At least 60% of Fortune 500 companies offer parent education programs

*70% of women and 92% of men with children under the age of 18 are in the labor force

Corporate Sleep

Some of the well documented physical negative effects of sleep deprivation are high blood pressure, heart attacks, stroke, obesity, and type 2 diabetes.  Some of the negative emotional effects include depression, anxiety, poor emotional regulation, low frustration tolerance, and poor decision making and judgement. In the workplace, the negative effects of sleep deprivation are related to poor concentration, poor impulse control, lack of energy and fatigue, reduced efficiency, memory impairements, higher rates of abbsenteeism, decreased workplace satisfaction, and lower productivity.  There is really almost nothing in our daily lives that sleep deprivation does not negatively effect.

Sleep expert, Dr. Roban, provides corporate sponsored sleep education, individualized sleep support, and group sleep support to sleep deprived employees so that the employees and the companies they serve can reap the benefits of a well rested workforce. 


Dr. Roban's Corporate Sleep Workshops will provide employees the sleep education, training and support on common adult sleep issues such as:

*The negative effects of sleep deprivation and the positive effects of healthy sleep

*Why consistency is the key to great sleep and how to get it

*Why your daytime behaviors effect your night sleep and how to make effective changes

*Optimal sleep schedules and why they are important

*How to set up an appropriate and effective sleep schedule and stick to it

*Optimal bedtime sleep routines and why they are important

*How to develop an effective bedtime sleep routine that leads to great sleep

*How diet and exercise effect sleep

*How to set up your bedroom for the best night's sleep

*Effective methods for returning to sleep after a night waking

Corporate Family Sleep

Childhood and adult sleep problems are at epidemic levels and the negative effects of sleep deprivation effect the whole family, both at home and at the workplace. As we all know, when children don't sleep, neither do their parents! 

Having worked for many years in private practice as a Family Sleep Specialist, Dr. Whitney Roban has helped thousands of parents teach their family healthy sleep habits. The result is the whole family experiencing long and peaceful nights of sleep, waking up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day. Through Solve Our Sleep corporate family sleep programs, Dr. Roban brings her experience, expertise, and success in getting families well rested into the coporate arena. With 70% of women and 92% of men with children under the age of 18 in the labor force, and with 69% of all children experiencing one or more sleep problem at least a few nights per week, most working parents (and employees in general) are showing up for work on a daily basis severly sleep deprived. With sleep deprivation estimated to cost corporations over 100 billion annually in lost production, medical expenses, and sick leave, the time is now to introduce Corporate Family Sleep into corporate wellness program across the country.

Dr. Roban's Corporate Family Sleep Workshops will provide working parents with the family sleep education, training and support on common childhood sleep issues as such as:

*How to put children on an age appropriate sleep schedule

*How to teach children to fall asleep independently and stay asleep through the night

*How to set up an optimal and safe sleep environment

*How to develop a brief and consistent bedtime routine

*How to successfully sleep train your child

*How to improve daytime napping

*How to prevent early morning rising

*How to avoid bedtime battles

*How to successfully navigate the crib to bed transition

*How to move seamlessly through the various nap transitions

*How to teach good sleep habits to tweens and teenagers

Sleep expert, Dr. Whitney Roban, can provide corporate sleep and corporate family sleep services via in-office workshops, remote video conferencing, and/or one-on-one education and training. These services can be offered to all employees, as well as specifically to working parents, as part of the corporation's employee wellness programs or parenting education programs. The corporate family sleep services can also be offered to working parents on family leave as a benefit within a corporation's family leave program.  The result is working parents returning to work after the completion of family leave feeling well rested and ready for re-entry to their jobs.

Solve Our Sleep and Working Mother Media Sleep Survey

Dr. Whitney Roban and Working Mother Media have partnered on a groundbreaking sleep survey to assess the effects of family sleep deprivation on working mothers. All of our data suggest that working mothers and their children are severely sleep deprived, and this sleep deprivation is wreaking havoc on working mother’s personal and professional lives, as well as having a negative affect on the corporations they serve. Here’s what we found:  


Conclusion #1: 

An astounding 68% of working mothers reported that they get only 6 hours or less sleep per night, and a meager 3% of working moms report that they are “almost always rested”. 


Conclusion #2:

A substantial 59% of respondent’s children went to bed at 9pm or later, and woke up at 6am or earlier.  Besides these late bedtimes and early wake up times, a whopping 74% of our respondents report that their children wake at least one, if not more, times per night.  To further exacerbate the family’s sleep deprivation, 41% of our respondent’s children sleep in their mother’s bed and/or their mother’s bedroom, with 90% of those children doing so at least one night per week and 58% doing so every single night.


Conclusion #3:

When it comes to family leave, 71% of our respondents took less than 4 months of leave after having a child.  As a result, it was no surprise that a scant 2% returned to work after family leave feeling well rested.  


Conclusion #4:

Only 52% of working moms reported that they had tried to sleep train their children.  However, a robust 70% of these moms reported success with the sleep training. 


Conclusion #5:

A massive 94% of our respondents report that their respective companies do not offer any sleep wellness programs at work.  However, 64% of those working moms report that being offered a Family Sleep Support Program at work would be very helpful.  Furthermore, our data also support offering this type of family sleep support to working mothers on family leave or immediately upon their return to work.  


Dr. Whitney Roban and Solve Our Sleep offer a unique and groundbreaking Corporate Family Sleep Program that will end working parent's struggles with sleep deprivation by offering education, solutions and support focused on family sleep. As a result, working parents and the corporations they serve will finally reap the benefits of a well rested family. 

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